Regression Therapy

Our subconscious mind holds every piece of information and every event from our conception to the present moment. Regression Therapy allows us to access these memories stored in our subconscious mind to heal an emotional wound or explore pleasant events in our past. Age regression can be helpful in changing or influencing our present situation by working on the root of the problem, which often originates in childhood.

Sometimes finding the root of the problem that you may be experiencing now, requires travelling back in time to childhood or even back into a past life situation. When experiencing regression therapy, it is often like watching a movie on a television screen. You are able to pause, fast forward, or rewind to see what is triggering from that event. From this point, healing can occur as our subconscious mind doesn’t know the different between pretend and reality. Whether we imagined an event or it actually happened is not important to the subconscious mind as its job is to accept all information it is given. Knowing this, events from our past can be altered or edited to be more supportive for our present situation.

As with most age regression cases, becoming aware of the initial event and its misunderstanding or interpretation we gave it as a child, is enough to resolve the current issue. Traditional talk therapies may have taken years to discover the root cause due to the inability to directly access the subconscious mind. To have an experience of regression therapy click here to contact one of our highly trained regression hypnotherapists.