Weight Release


Downloadable audio

Includes six files:

  • Weight Release Audio 1.m4a
  • Weight Release Audio 2.m4a
  • Weight Release Audio 3.m4a
  • Weight Release Audio 4.m4a
  • Weight Release Audio 5.m4a
  • Weight Release Audio 6.m4a


Lighten Up Therapy offers several options in supporting their clients to get healthy and into the body they desire. Check out our Upcoming Events page to get support beyond the audios.


Additional information

Duration (Weight Release Audio 2)

46 min 38 sec

Duration (Weight Release Audio 3)

36 min 30 sec

Duration (Weight Release Audio 4)

33 min 31 sec

Duration (Weight Release Audio 5)

43 min 22 sec

Duration (Weight Release Audio 6)

52 min 33 sec

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