Smoking Cessation


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  • Smoking Cessation Audio 1.m4a
  • Smoking Cessation Audio 2.m4a
  • Smoking Cessation Audio 3.m4a



Discover how Lighten Up Therapy creates an easy path for you to stop smoking using hypnosis and start enjoy a happier healthier life!

Stopping smoking does NOT need to be difficult!  Hypnotherapy has a success rate between 75-95% WITHOUT experiencing the typical withdrawal and cravings using traditional methods. That is impressive especially considering the low success rates of other quit smoking methods!

You may wonder what is the difference between 75% and 95%. Using hypnotherapy audio programs alone or going to an evening event where you are hypnotized in a group setting can produce a 75% success rate. To be in the 95% success rate, people need to work one on one with a hypnotherapist, have access to ongoing support between sessions, and be ready to change.


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