Hypnosis for Weight Control

The body does what the mind tells it to. When your thoughts about food, exercise, diet, weight, and anything related to weight are negative or supportive, it will be difficult to release unwanted pounds. Once the negative thoughts are replaced with positive supporting ones, weight release is not only possible, but enjoyable!

Lighten Up Therapy offers several options in supporting their clients to get healthy and into the body they desire. You can check out the Upcoming Events page to learn more about programs and events or contact us directly for more personalized support.

Of course, one to one support can be the most powerful because it is personalized for you. Everyone has a different reason why they are holding onto unwanted weight. By customizing sessions specifically for you, changes happen faster and easier.

Success is in you, unlock it with hypnosis!

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“I am not walking around like a zombie eating chocolate anymore. I see how small shifts have been made in the choices I make concerning my health. I enjoy drinking water and choosing healthy foods which I wasn’t as excited as before. Most importantly, I feel I have more self esteem and confidence. I see the results, when I listen to what my body is craving for-nourishment!”

-C. Wimpney