Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation


Are you tired, frustrated, and disappointed, hearing…

  • Smoking is a slow suicide, why don’t you quit?
  • Cigarettes contain thousands of cancer causing chemicals
  • Smoking is so bad for you, it harms nearly every organ in your body!
  • Smoking is the leading cause of cancer.
  • Your breath smells gross!
  • You stink like smoke!
  • That’s a disgusting habit!
  • What a waste of money!
  • Quitting is too hard!
  • And the list goes on and on and on!


Obviously, everyone knows that cigarettes are not healthy. Continuing to smoke with this awareness, however creates even deeper problems that make it harder to quit. Have you ever noticed it gets harder and harder to quit every time you try?

Feelings of disappointment, disconnected, anger, frustration, shame, guilty, irritation, embarrassment, lethargy, regret, stress, helplessness, hopelessness, jealously, and often depression start to spiral making the cravings more intense and that much harder to kick the habit.


Stopping smoking does NOT need to be difficult!  Hypnotherapy has a success rate between 75-95% WITHOUT experiencing the typical withdrawal and cravings using traditional methods. That is impressive especially considering the low success rates of other quit smoking methods!

You may wonder what is the difference between 75% and 95%. Using hypnotherapy audio programs alone or going to an evening event where you are hypnotized in a group setting can produce a 75% success rate. To be in the 95% success rate, people need to work one on one with a hypnotherapist, have access to ongoing support between sessions, and be ready to change.


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Stop Smoking Success Rates

  • The following are the success rates of people who tried to stop smoking using: Smoking aids such as patches, gum, etc…  4-9%
  • Group support meetings and information packages   13%
  • Medicines from a GP in combination with support meetings   20%
  • The cutback method (smoking fewer cigarettes everyday) 12-16%
  • ‘Cold turkey‘ a.k.a Willpower   22%
  •  Hypnotherapy 75-95%


Why Willpower Is NOT Very Effective

Are you surprised to discover the cold turkey method of quitting had one of the highest success rates? This is an example of just how powerful your mind can be. Obviously, 22% is still a low percentage, but that is because the cold turkey method uses only willpower!


KEY CONCEPT-> Willpower only uses the conscious part of your mind, which makes up 5-10% of your brain. The subconscious mind makes up the other 90-95%. The subconscious mind is where all your beliefs and memories are held. Beliefs are what causes us to think, act, and behave in certain way. Essentially, we become what we think about. By changing your beliefs and stories around smoking you are easily and naturally able to achieve the goals you desire.

WHY hypnotherapy WORKS

The subconscious mind it unlimited! Do you now realize just how easy stopping smoking can be, when you become aware of the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and replace them with what you truly want, desire, and deserve.

With hypnotherapy, we discover and eliminate the root cause for WHY a person is smoking. Do not worry if you are unaware of your WHY. That is because it is stored in your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind.

Discover your WHY with hypnotherapy and start your easy journey to becoming a non-smoker. Click on the link below to start your process now!

Top 4 Mistakes Smokers Make When They Try to Quit



“I have been smoke free for over a year and loving every minute of it.”

-Smoke Free for 15 months without cravings

Pack a day smoker for 40 years. Quit after 2 sessions.

“I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone serious about becoming a non-smoker because it worked for me with no uncomfortable withdrawals.”

-G. Morrison

Smoker for 40 years. Quit after 1 session.