Hypnosis for Dentistry

Did you realize that hypnotherapy has been around for hundreds of years? In the 1800’s, James Esdaile used hypnosis to perform pain free surgeries under hypnoanaesthesia! Whether you are going to the dentist because you know something is wrong or you are fearing a check up, Lighten Up Therapy is here to help.

Not going to the dentists office for check ups, cleaning, and getting necessary work done causes more harm than just in your mouth. Because you are on this page, let us assume you already know the repercussions of avoiding the dentist. If you do not already know, find out!

How Hypnotherapy Easily and Joyfully Gets YOU to the Dentist

Most people who do not visit their dentist stay away for two reasons:

2. Fear/Anxiety

Lighten Up Therapy is here to help you with the second reason, fear/anxiety. It was reported that 75% of people have a fear or anxiety of going to visit the dentist office.  This fear could be based on other people sharing their stories, watching Hollywood dramatize dental visits to make them look worse than they really are, remembering from a previous bad experience, or just not knowing what is going to happen!

We created fearful thoughts and beliefs about going to the dentist at some point in our past. These thoughts were then stored in what is known as our subconscious mind. When a situation involving dentists or a dental office arises, our subconscious mind tells our conscious mind (the voice in our head) that we need to react with anxiety/stress. Most of the time we do not consciously know where or when these fears that we have stored in our subconscious minds began.

Through the use of hypnotherapy, we distract the conscious mind and are able to retrieve information of when the fear producing belief originated, change the negative belief to a more positive empowering one, and make it easy, enjoyable, and natural to get the necessary work done on your teeth.

Imagine feeling relaxed and inspired when you think about getting dental work done. If this is difficult for you to imagine, you NEED  hypnotherapy! Click on the link below to talk with a hypnotherapist in our office to discover how we can help you create the smile you deserve!

ENJOY Going to the Dentist!