Hypnosis for Childbirthing

Hypnosis for Childbirth is also referred to as Hypnobirthing. It is a process where an expectant mother meets with a hypnotherapist throughout her pregnancy to prepare for birthing her child. During these sessions, the therapist and client collaborate together to create a comfortable, peaceful, and joyful experience in pregnancy, during labour and after her baby arrives. Obviously, there must be some mistake you may be thinking?! A comfortable, peaceful, and joyful labour??? Consider Hypnosis for Childbirthing if you find yourself doubting a mother could be smiling and comfortable during contractions.

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Unfortunately, this is not the image most of us envision when we think of labour and babies being born. We remember watching Hollywood movies grossly exaggerate the birthing experience to make it more dramatic for viewers, our close friends and family members sharing their own negative birthing experiences, and maybe even experienced those mothers who feel it necessary to share their horror stories to the newly expectant mother.

These past experiences create negative beliefs to be formed  in the subconscious mind, which naturally causes women to become fearful of giving birth. Pain comes from fear. Pain… comes from… fear.  When a women becomes fearful, the primal part of the brain kicks in to prepare her to either fight or flight. The brain releases adrenaline to assist the body to prepare for fighting in battle or running away. This naturally raises blood pressure  in the body and causes the muscles begin to tighten. The muscles in the lower part of the uterus and vaginal canal need to relax and open in order for the baby to be easily guided out. If the muscles are tense and constricted, the mother has a more difficult time and requires hard pushing for the baby to be born. This can lead to all sorts of problems to occur for the mother and baby. It is also one of leading causes for the skyrocketing number of babies being born via C-section.

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Obviously, if the mother is relaxed during the process the baby can be born quicker and in a safer manner. That is where hypnosis comes in! The hypnotherapist and expectant mother work as a team to identify any non-supportive beliefs around the experience of giving birth and create new, positive, supportive beliefs to naturally and easily allow a peaceful state of mind before the contractions even begin!

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to give birth without the need of drugs, epidurals, and other popular pain management techniques. By having a natural childbirth, mothers have a shorter labour, recover faster physically and emotionally, milk will come in quicker, there are fewer complications, and the newborn is happier and healthier!

There are 9 key methods we use at Lighten Up Therapy to naturally create a comfortable and enjoyable childbirthing experience for you and your baby. To receive a detailed explanation of all 9 of these methods, please sign up to the link below.

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Remember, just one of the ways to have a pleasant natural childbirth is to not be fearful of the experience. Hypnotherapy is almost unlimited in its benefits when it comes to improving a woman’s experience as she becomes a mother. Hypnosis can create a peaceful and joyful experience before, during, and after your baby arrives!

Hypnotherapy: During Your Pregnancy
During your pregnancy, women are bound to have feelings of nervousness and uncertainty, especially if it is their first child. This is completely natural. Pregnancy is a new experience, even if it is not your first child, and it is one of the biggest life changing events of a woman’s life! Self-doubt, anxiety, and feelings of panic often arise for mothers. Let’s not forget the hormone fluctuations, preparing for the new arrival, and the constant trips to the washroom! A positive reframe to the washroom trips could be a mother now knows the closest location to a toilet for their upcoming potty training toddler! Having to run to the washroom every few minutes also prepares a mother-to-be for the unlimited D.E.A.R incidents with her toddler ahead. (D.E.A.R-Drop Everything And Run!)

Hypnotherapy can naturally and easily create a confident, positive, and joyful state of mind for an expectant mother.  It can even help with morning sickness! Mothers who have used hypnotherapy discover that they are more connected with their babies, sleep better, and have less discomfort.

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Hypnotherapy: After Your Baby Arrives
Many mothers focus on educating themselves on the experiences of being pregnant and what to expect the first year with a newborn. What some mothers and hypnotherapists neglect to consider and address is the recovery period after the baby is born.

Naturally, this is a major transition for a mother. She is no longer the center of attention, her hormones are fluctuating and rebalancing, and she undoubtedly puts pressure on herself to be the ‘perfect’ mother.  This can cause stress for her, the baby, a marriage and other close relationships.  Hypnotherapy can greatly reduce the chance of postpartum depression.

At Lighten Up Therapy, we incorporate methods to speed up the recovery time, allow you to sleep quickly and deeply when you need to, and create a deep lasting bond with your baby.

To sign up for a consultation and discover how hypnotherapy can assist you and your baby, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and share in your journey to being a mother!

“I didn’t know if it would work for me, I tried stage hypnosis and it never worked, so I figured it just wasn’t for me. During hypnosis, I felt very relaxed and in complete control the whole time, so much so that I thought I wasn’t even hypnotized. Afterwards, I was on such a high thinking who wouldn’t want to do this! After being hypnotized for my baby’s birth, I felt more excited, ready, relaxed, calmed, and more aware of what my body and mind together could do!” 

K. Walsh

“Normally I have a very low
tolerance for pain and yet I didn’t know
I was in labor until the doctor told me I was!”
-Happy Mom

“It really helped me unwind during pregnancy and destress.
After a session, I was calm, collected and just happy!”
-Relaxed Pregnant Lady