Upcoming Events

We ask that you pre-register for the following events by messaging us on Facebook, sending an email to info@lightenuptherapy.ca, calling 780-853-2999 or stopping in at the store 4931-50ave Vermilion. 


It’s More Than a Number Weight Release Program

This is a 5 month program where women meet twice a month to:

-Change their beliefs around weight, food, exercise and more, so there is no more inner struggle or need to rely on willpower.
-Get accountability support to keep motivated and committed.
-Receive support in overcoming obstacles and challenges.
-Have fun in a group of like-minded women!


Hypnotize Your Weight Away: Discover the top 3 reasons women struggle to lose weight

Are you tired of struggling to lose weight? Have you tried everything to drop those pesky pounds and nothing has worked?

Attend a FREE evening to learn how hypnosis helps women change their thoughts and actions to make losing weight easier than ever before!

During the evening you will:

-Uncover what has been holding you back from success.
-Understand how your thoughts create your results.
-Learn how to set yourself up for change…even doing it while you sleep!
-Discover a simple technique that virtually eliminates the need for willpower or restraint.


Resolution Ready

This two day course teaches you how to be successful at achieving your New Year’s Resolutions!
Nine out of ten people who set goals in the new year give up before the end of February. Don’t let this be you!

During the course, you will discover:

-The 5 keys that make changing your habits easy, allowing you to live the life you dream and desire. Without applying these essential components in your life, change will be hard.
-Practical steps that keep you motivated, inspired and taking action every day!
-How to avoid the number one mistake resolution setters make, which makes them fail at achieving their goals.
-Tool and techniques that will help you be successful faster and easier than you thought possible.

The Last Quit

The number one reason people fail to quit smoking is fear of cravings and withdrawals. What if you could quit smoking and not experience any of these side effects? What if it felt so natural to be a non-smoker that you could be around other people who smoke and not be bothered?

Hypnotherapy can make this your reality.

“I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone serious about becoming a non-smoker, because it worked for me with no withdrawals.”
-G. Morrison (Smoker for 40 years. Quit after 1 session.)